Cannon & Mortar Drawings - DAWN THREADER PHOTOGRAPHY

                          Click on photo for gallery displaying model cannons

                                               Cannon Plan Sets

                                      1- Model 12PDR Mountain Howitzer

                                      2- Model 9 in. Dahlgren Shell Gun Model On A Navy Marsilly Carriage

                                      3- Model 9” Dahlgren Seacoast Shell Gun

                                     4- Model 32 PDR Seacoast Cannon on a Front Pintle Casemate Carriage

                                     5- Model 32 PDR Ships Cannon

                                     6- Model 13” Seacoast Mortar M-1861

                                     7- Model 7” Brook Cannon on a Center Pintle Barbette Carriage

                                     8- Model 30 PDR Parrott Siege Rifle

                                     9- Model 24 Pounder Field Howitzer

                                    10- Model 10” Rodman Cannon

                                    11- Model 3” Ordnance Rifle

                                    12- Model “Widow Blakely”

                                    13- Model Napoleon M-1857 12-PDR Field Cannon

                                    14- Model 3" Parrott Rifle M - 1863

                                    15- Model 6 PDR Field Cannon M - 1841

                                    16- A Limber for model Civil War Cannons

Drawings with instructions are $10.00 per set to cover the cost of handling & mailing to anywhere in the world.

Extra plan sets (2 extra sets maximum) added at time of purchase...$5.00 per set.

Payment may be made to my email address through your Paypal account

When placing an order please include the plan number and description, as well as your mailing address in the message box of paypal .

 NOTE...Please include your email address as well, so that I can send you confirmation that I received your order. Thank You.



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